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black knot

Black Knot

Black knot is a fungal disease that has become an increasing problem in Alberta. Affecting primarily Mayday and Schubert Chokecherry trees, it can spread to Plum, Apricot and Cherry trees. Once spotted, Black knot should be removed to help control the fungus from spreading within the canopy and to healthy trees around. What does Black

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tree silhouette

Why Tree Topping Hurts

Tree topping may seem like a good idea to control the height of your trees. Some trees are planted in areas with no room to grow or have become much larger than expected. No properly trained Arborist will tree top, and no Arborist will recommend it. Tree topping can be detrimental to the health and

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Integrated Pest Management

If you seem to be overrun by a plague of insect pests on your trees or shrubbery, you might want to consider Integrated Pest Management. In the long term, this strategy aims to rid your property of insects that can seriously harm – or even kill – your plants. The Lakeland College Pesticide Applicator Course,

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