Tree Pruning & Trimming

tree pruning & trimmingAll trees require regular maintenance, and it is best to start training a tree after dormancy, following planting. Training a newly established tree is vital to its structural integrity and encourages strong, healthy growth.

While maturing, unpruned tree branches can cause damage to buildings and eavestroughs, create restrictions when maintaining your yard, and can also cause damage to each other. This results in open wounds on the tree which are susceptible to insects, disease, and decay.

Why prune?

Pruning eliminates diseased branches and allows air and sun circulation though the canopy of the tree. Proper thinning will remove deadwood, water sprouts, and can also reduce insect populations. Regular pruning may also catch disease and fungus growth before it becomes problematic. Pruning will direct unwanted branches away from buildings and add an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your yard.
We will not leave flush cuts or stubs and won’t over-prune or ‘top’ a tree.

Trees provide shade and oxygen, provide a windbreak to homes, a habitat for wildlife, and add value to your property.

Why not take care of them?