Why Tree Topping Hurts

Tree topping may seem like a good idea to control the height of your trees. Some trees are planted in areas with no room to grow or have become much larger than expected. No properly trained Arborist will tree top, and no Arborist will recommend it. Tree topping can be detrimental to the health and aesthetic of the tree, and harder on your wallet!


There’s a few key point of why tree topping is not a common, proper practice.

Tree topping will send the tree into shock.

  • Foliage from the canopy of the tree shields the suns hot rays and provides shade. When a large amount of foliage and canopy growth is removed, scalding may occur.

Tree topping causes rapid, weak new growth.

  • Removing so much of the tree at once causes the tree to stress. Rapid water sprout growth will occur, which overtime, is far weaker than the original tree canopy and has higher potential to fail.

Tree topping is unappealing.

  • A healthy, properly pruned tree will add value to your landscape for years to come. A topped tree is unattractive and can do just the opposite.

Tree topping adds up!

  • Sure, it is usually cheaper….in the beginning. Proper pruning may cost more at first, but it will save in the long run. A topped tree may not recover and die – adding additional removal costs and weak branches may fail, causing more expenses.

What can you do?

Prevention is key! Do research or talk to a professional before planting and choosing your tree. Get an idea of mature height and canopy spread. Plant the tree in an area where is has room to grow and thrive. Trees need space to live and your landscape will appreciate it in the long run!